Why Orchestrating People, Process and Technology is Imperative for Transformation Projects, New White Paper from Cambridge Retail Advisors

70% of Digital Transformation Projects Fail – Learn Tips on How to Avoid Pitfalls and Maximize the Success of Transformation Projects


Boston, MA – February 25, 2021 – While many business teams embrace the mantra of “people, process and technology” as though it were a meditative chant for success, they are often not aware of the disparity between theory and reality and the challenges to achieve a harmonious orchestration of all three components. The Why Orchestrating “People, Process and Technology” is Imperative for Transformation Projects, authored by the Cambridge Retail Advisors team offers insight on how to make transformation projects more successful.

Today’s retailers, wholesalers and brands are challenged more than ever with dramatically changing consumer expectations, new sources of products, digital interaction on mobile devices, and the shifting competitive landscape. According to a McKinsey study, when 70 percent of transformations fail, a company needs a proven strategy to beat the odds.[1] These companies no longer have the luxury to take on a transformation that does not deliver results the first time as there is no time for do-overs.

“For retailers to succeed in today’s competitive environment, an orchestrated regimen of transformation must be initiated and delivered without fail,” said Linda Mason, retail transformation leader at Cambridge Retail Advisors. “What is needed is a leader who can inspire and manage the change in culture necessary to embrace the paradigm shift rather than fall victim to it. This has created a new organizational role – the chief transformation officer (CTO).”

Transformation is about orchestration, not just administration. Understanding this key distinction is how organizations achieve successful transformation projects.

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[1] Why do most transformations fail? A conversation with Harry Robinson, McKinsey & Company, July 10, 2029, https://www.mckinsey.com/business-functions/transformation/our-insights/why-do-most-transformations-fail-a-conversation-with-harry-robinson