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A woman uses her iPhone watch to make a payment at a hand-held POS terminal. In the background on the right it an abstract image of a chain and an exclamation mark.

LP – Merging Complementary Technologies

Today’s retailers are under constant attack from “shoppers” eating away at their bottom line. In this LP white paper, you'll learn how to fight back using emerging and merging tech solutions—some that could actually improve customer experience along the way.
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RFID-Powered Solutions: More Attainable Than Ever

Labor market challenges and reductions in the cost of tags have made the use of RFID technology more important and practical in Retail. Learn how RFID now offers retailers actual ROI...
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Why Orchestrating “People, Process and Technology” is Imperative for Transformation Projects

While many business teams embrace the mantra of “people, process and technology” as though it were a meditative chant for success, they are often not aware of the disparity between theory and reality and the challenges to achieve a harmonious orchestration of all three components.
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5 Steps to Optimizing Retail Reverse Logistics

Whitepaper Insights on How Retailers Can Optimize Customer Satisfaction, Maximize Profits and Minimize Store Associates’ Time Reverse logistics is often a process that doesn’t garner a lot of time and
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8 Steps to Turn Global Supply Chain Disruptions into a Competitive Advantage

Whitepaper Insights on How Retailers Can Adopt Key Principles to Agilely Adapt to Supply Chain Disruptions As COVID-19 spread across the world in 2020, it exposed the vulnerability of global
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Whitepaper The Role of Stores and Restaurants is Evolving to Meet New Consumer Expectations for a Theatrical Experience. ​Despite a disastrous start to the new decade, the physical store will
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Whitepaper 83% of C-level Executives Feel that Retail and Dining will be Changed Forever As retail and restaurant organizations continue to deal with the new realities caused by the COVID-19
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Whitepaper ​Retailers are eager to reopen their stores and recapture the lost sales from being closed for one to two months due to COVID-19 restrictions. As many states and local
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