Store Systems

Store Systems

System Design, Implementation, & Training

The shopping experience has changed dramatically over the past few years.  Your customer now expects a much more intimate and immediate shopping experience, whether online or in the store. 

Real-time Point of Sale is the future, and we are working one client at a time to make that vision a reality.  Our team of retail experts can assist you as you strategize, evaluate and implement new store technology that addresses your needs.

Benefits of working with Cambridge Retail Advisors:

  • Extensive experience in helping retailers create successful Store System strategies across a wide variety of formats and sizes 
  • Our evolving architectural blueprint is current and always in motion 
  • We work with all the payment providers and have created secure, bulletproof solutions for our clients.
  • We pride ourselves on our integration capability expertise. 
  • Quality Assurance as a Service (QAaaS) with over 2,500 use cases which we leverage on all our engagements
  • Our team of logistical experts help you provide flawless execution leveraging the appropriate partner ecosystem that leads to a successful rollout

Examples of our business process design work:

  • Development and implementation of an omnichannel strategy for a major retailer
  • Strategy, selection, and implementation of a new Point of Sale solution for a 2,000 store chain with zero Severity 1 issues during rollout