Business Process Design

Business Process Design

Business Process Design Services

Our agile approach to business process design is adaptable to both pure process design and to package-enabled process design as part of a packaged software implementation.

We utilize a sprint based workshop methodology so you can see rapid progress and provide immediate feedback. In addition to structuring and managing the process our designers also have a deep understanding of retail business processes and can help identify cross functional issues and opportunities during the design phase.

Benefits of working with Cambridge Retail Advisors:

  • Accelerated design utilizing our library of hundreds of core retail processes to spark insights
  • Understanding of end-to-end processes and how changes may have unforeseen impacts
  • Awareness of industry trends and how leading competitors operate

Examples of our business process design work:

  • Conducted an analysis retail store operations to define optimal processes for core store operations activities and customer engagement
  • Design new visual merchandising processes for a regional specialty chain
  • Designed a process maturity model for a global specialty retailer to maximize labor productivity and reduce labor for all backroom operations