Meet Vestico

Vestico helps online fashion and beauty retailers increase conversions, reduce returns, and personalize experiences through AI and user-generated content.

Shoppers can see how products look and fit on people like them, increasing engagement and sales.

Vestico is an innovative platform that helps online fashion and beauty retailers increase conversions and reduce returns through AI-driven, personalized, user-generated content.

With Vestico, shoppers can see how products will look and fit on people just like them, which increases purchase confidence (and conversion rates) and helps them feel more connected to the brand.

Call it inclusivity. It’s good for shoppers and for business.

Size and Fit (and color and shade): Solved

Vestico also addresses size and fit issues in fashion and color/shade selection in beauty, reducing returns dramatically—which goes straight to the bottom line.

Why us?

Vestico’s innovative solution has the potential to greatly benefit any fashion brand, and this is only the beginning for them. They’re based in the UK, and we are so excited about what their solutions have already done for European retailers that we’ve become their official business partner here in the U.S.

So if Vestico is all that, why would they partner with CRA?

Why not? With decades of retail-specific expertise, Cambridge Retail Advisors (CRA) provides world-class strategy, selection, integration, implementation, and support. CRA helps retailers utilize today’s best tech to improve operations, boost  profits, and elevate the employee and customer experience. So it’s basically a perfect fit (pun intended) for Vestico to team up with us in the U.S. and a bit north of that as well.

Cambridge Retail Advisors is Vestico’s exclusive business and implementation partner in the U.S. and Canada.

Want a sneak peak?

Seen enough?

If you’re with a fashion or beauty brand, but missed your chance at a live demo at NRF—no worries! Reach out to us and we’ll connect you with a live demo whenever it works for you.

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