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Cambridge Retail Advisors Announces Private Equity Consulting Services to Maximize the Success of Mergers and Acquisitions

PRESS RELEASE - CRA'S new advisory services help private equity firms identify, screen and integrate retail acquisition targets for maximum value creation.
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8 Steps to Turn Global Supply Chain Disruptions into a Competitive Advantage, Featured in New Cambridge Retail Advisors White Paper

The 8 Steps to Turn Global Supply Chain Disruptions into a Competitive Advantage white paper outlines the ways retailers can take to turn global supply chain disruptions into a competitive advantage.
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Cambridge Retail Advisors Study Announces a New Chief Financial Officer-as-a-Service (CFOaaS) Program to Help Retailers and Restaurateurs Optimize Financial Decisions

PRESS RELEASE: Cambridge Retail Advisors’ (CRA) Chief Financial Officer-as-a-Service (CFOaaS) includes a team of experienced financial executives ready to help retail and restaurant companies assess their financial situation and recommend strategies to bolster company balance sheet and financial positions to ensure financial viability in the short and long-term.
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The rise of ‘dark stores’—and how they could save struggling retail

Whole Foods “opened” a new “store” that you can’t walk into or shop at. Located in Brooklyn and slightly smaller than a typical Whole Foods, the store is dedicated solely to fulfilling online orders.
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The New Playbook for Retail Stores

Brick-and-mortar shopping has changed a lot during the COVID-19 pandemic. As retailers look to the future, they should expect many of those changes will likely be permanent. See comments from John Rohland, VP at Cambridge Retail Advisors.
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‘Too many negatives at the moment’: Hudson Yards has few good options to fill Neiman Marcus’ now-vacant storefront

Less than two years into the opening of Hudson Yards, one of the most expensive real estate projects in the country, the development’s shopping center is losing its anchor tenant. See comments from Ken Morris, managing partner at Cambridge Retail Advisors.
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Ken Morris Joins Cambridge Retail Advisors as Managing Partner to Strengthen the Leadership Team and Accelerate Growth

Cambridge Retail Advisors (CRA), founded in November 2019, announced today that Ken Morris, retail industry leader for more than 40 years, has joined its leadership team as a managing partner. Ken brings extensive retail operations and information technology (IT) experience to the team.
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Cambridge Retail Advisors’ Store Restart Guide Offers Retailers a Detailed Task List to Quickly and Safely Reopen Stores Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Retailers are eager to reopen stores and recapture the lost sales from being closed due to COVID-19 restrictions. Cambridge Retail Advisors has created a detailed “Store Restart Guide” that outlines everything retailers need to do to reopen stores quickly and safely.
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