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Unified Commerce

We help you move to a unified commerce platform.

Retailers recognize the need for a holistic customer experience that transcends channels, but most attempts to deliver a seamless cross-channel experience are falling short. Many retailers have taken the “just get something done” approach and cobbled technology and processes together – with little to no integration – just to try and keep up with customer expectations. The unfortunate result of this quick fix approach is a “faux” omni-channel model that doesn’t execute as promised and risks disappointing customers.


Unified commerce goes beyond omni-channel, putting the customer experience first, breaking down the walls between internal channel silos and leveraging a single commerce platform. A common, centralized, real-time platform for all customer engagement points is a key tenet of unified commerce. A unified commerce platform is not simply the future in-store or web platform, but combines in-store POS, mobile, web, order management, call center and clienteling into one integrated platform.

Our Strategy & Planning Approach



Future State Design

Transformation Planning

The industry has now reached a critical point where they can no longer afford to operate from within channel silos. They must transform their organization, business processes and technology to align with the demands of their customers. However, transforming disparate legacy applications into a single platform is a massive undertaking – that’s why CRA is here to help. We help you move to a unified commerce platform to offer customers a seamless experience across channels. Our experts are there for you throughout the entire strategy, selection and implementation process.

CRA’s experienced consulting team helps retail and restaurant organizations:


Businesses often come to us with a problem within their systems, without knowing exactly how to identify, isolate and resolve it.


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A selection engagement is a formal evaluation and selection of technologies and strategies that suit your needs.


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We help you implement your new strategy, process or technology utilizing our experience in management and execution across hundreds of retail projects.


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