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Our Expertise is

Private Equity

We help you identify, screen and integrate retail acquisition targets for maximum value creation

Each year U.S. companies spend more than $2 trillion on merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions and the failure rate of these transactions has been estimated at 50%-80%, based on numerous studies. The primary reasons for the abysmal success rate of M&A transactions are: failure to match acquisition candidates with the M&A strategy and inability to clearly understand where the transaction value resides and the optimal way to harvest it.

Our Strategy & Planning Approach



Future State Design

Transformation Planning

However, equally significant in the M&A marketplace are financial buyers such as investment banks, private equity funds or private equity investors who acquire and integrate businesses. Each retail acquisition candidate brings with it a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Acquisition success, or at least improving the chances of successful value creation, begins with a clear understanding of your acquisition strategy and the critical success drivers to be evaluated during due diligence and mastered during implementation.

CRA’s value proposition for helping private equity firms is:

  • Experienced Practitioners
    • Trusted advisors that add value immediately
    • Industry and functional experience and expertise
    • Ability to address all functional areas of the retail business model
  • Knowledge Based Consulting
    • Ability to bring subject matter expertise and experience to all operational areas of the company
    • All services and projects designed to deliver measureable value creation
    • Courage to have the difficult conversations
  • Competitive Pricing
    • Repeatable service offerings and methodologies
    • Relationship focus not transactional focus

Our experienced consulting team helps retail organizations:


Businesses often come to us with a problem within their systems, without knowing exactly how to identify, isolate and resolve it.


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A selection engagement is a formal evaluation and selection of technologies and strategies that suit your needs.


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We help you implement your new strategy, process or technology utilizing our experience in management and execution across hundreds of retail projects.


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M&A - Operational Due Diligence

The transaction is just the beginning.  We believe the more thought given to “why” we are doing the deal and “what” we will do immediately after, the higher the likelihood of success and sustainable value creation.  Our approach is to bring a strategic and business process approach to the due diligence team.


M&A - Integration

Our experience suggests that the first 90 days after a successful transaction are critical to maximizing long-term value.  Successful integration comes  from a clear integration plan, stakeholder alignment and effective project management.


Strategic Planning

Value creation begins with a clear understanding of your position in the marketplace; the core business processes critical to differentiation and the critical few initiatives required to generate earnings growth.

We partner with senior management to provide a framework and facilitation that leads to stakeholder alignment and a strategic plan that aligns with the company’s financial plan.


Business Turnaround

Whether it’s a distressed situation or simply a business stuck in neutral our portfolio profit improvement approach consists of a wide array of services and data modeling tailored to the unique needs of each situation.

Supply Chain Optimization

The costs and complexities of getting product from sketch to customer have never been greater and more challenging.  Our approach is to examine the entire value chain and help clients maximize the trade-off’s between speed and cost.

Brand Re-Positioning and Customer Journey Analysis

Few organizations spend the necessary time thinking  about their brand and how their customers engage with it.  For a turnaround business or a business in its early or growth stage, brand positioning is critical to establishing lasting relevancy with the customer.

Working Capital Improvement

Leveraging our deep experience gained from extensive merchandise planning and inventory management system implementations, we have created an operations practice aimed at maximizing a retailers working capital and merchandise margins.

Strategic Information Systems Planning

Retailers rely on technology to support every facet of their business including customer relationships and insights, inventory decisions, secure transaction processing, and digital operations.  In many instances technology is the driver of key business initiatives and strategic transformations.  We have guided companies in all retail segments in linking technology investments to their operational and organizational strategies using the strategic systems planning process.

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