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Payment Strategy and Security

We help you implement best practices for payment and data security.

In the wake of major data breaches, retailers must continuously reexamine their policies surrounding cybersecurity. Every day, new dangers emerge and enhanced security measures are now necessary to adequately defend against these malicious attacks. Simply being PCI compliant is no longer enough, and a multi-tiered defensive approach has become more important than ever for your business.

Our Strategy & Planning Approach



Future State Design

Transformation Planning

Many merchants in retail and hospitality remain vulnerable to potential hacking threats, with key areas of susceptibility being data encryption and payment card authentication. In addition, with the migration of critical enterprise systems, transactional data, and customer data to the cloud, it is imperative that retailers continuously evaluate their network, controls, and security processes as it relates to this shift.


Our experienced consultants can help your team quickly identify key points of vulnerability and work to develop a payment security strategy for the short and long-term of your key data inside your stores, at your corporate offices and in the cloud. We help guide you through industry best practices for payment and data security. Don’t wait to address these issues until it’s too late; be proactive today!

CRA’s experienced consulting team helps retail and restaurant organizations:


Businesses often come to us with a problem within their systems, without knowing exactly how to identify, isolate and resolve it.


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A selection engagement is a formal evaluation and selection of technologies and strategies that suit your needs.


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We help you implement your new strategy, process or technology utilizing our experience in management and execution across hundreds of retail projects.


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