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Our Expertise is

Merchandise Management

We help you select, implement and optimize merchandising and ERP systems.

Merchandising/ERP is a continually evolving science that blends knowing the needs of your customer with the ability to execute on the procurement, placement, and selling of goods in a relevant way. Accounting for flexibility to incorporate constant market feedback is key, as are efficient tools to streamline management of the product lifecycle.

Our Strategy & Planning Approach



Future State Design

Transformation Planning

Our team of merchandising specialists have been involved in and directly responsible for these challenges at a large cross section of retail companies. We have intimate knowledge of the building blocks you need to succeed. We help you identify appropriate strategies to take your business to the next level, equip you with the tools that fit your distinct business needs, and assist you in carrying out your business improvement initiatives with ease.   

CRA’s experienced consulting team helps retail and restaurant organizations:


Businesses often come to us with a problem within their systems, without knowing exactly how to identify, isolate and resolve it.


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A selection engagement is a formal evaluation and selection of technologies and strategies that suit your needs.


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We help you implement your new strategy, process or technology utilizing our experience in management and execution across hundreds of retail projects.


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