8 Steps to Turn Global Supply Chain Disruptions into a Competitive Advantage, Featured in New Cambridge Retail Advisors White Paper

CRA Shares Insights on How Retailers Can Adopt Key Principles to Agilely Adapt to Supply Chain Disruptions


Boston, MA – September 21, 2020 – As COVID-19 spread across the world in 2020, it exposed the vulnerability of global supply chains. Globalization has allowed retailers to reduce supply chain costs and innovate through international sourcing, however, long and complex global supply chains bring significant risks when there are global disruptions.

“Today, more than ever before, it is vital that retailers adopt an agile approach to combat disruption to maintain the continuity of product supply to their customers,” said Mike Powell, vice president at Cambridge Retail Advisors. “It is imperative that retailers channel customer demand to available inventory quickly and efficiently and provide them with maximum product availability and visibility. Many retailers are exploiting micro-fulfillment centers and dark stores to significantly enhance customer service and the profitability of online orders. This is a game changer.”

COVID-19’s impact to supply chains has been massive but there are many other potential global disruptors including: natural disasters, political uncertainty, and trade tensions between major trading partners that can have equally damaging effects. However, there are proactive steps that retailers can take to build resilience into their global supply chains through the use of best practices in organization, processes and systems. This call to action has never been more urgent in our increasingly uncertain world.

The 8 Steps to Turn Global Supply Chain Disruptions into a Competitive Advantage white paper outlines the ways retailers can take to turn global supply chain disruptions into a competitive advantage. To download the complete 8 Steps to Turn Global Supply Chain Disruptions into a Competitive Advantage white paper, visit:

8 Steps to Turn Global Supply Chain Disruptions into a Competitive Advantage

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